Create Your Best Life

dock2* Do you want to create a life that really fits for you?

* Do you want a more loving, supportive relationship with yourself?

* Are you longing for more satisfying relationships with others?

* Would you like to forgive and move on from hurts from the past?

* Do you wish to be happier, more in love and at peace?

* Feeling depressed, angry, lonely, frustrated, hopeless, helpless?

* Engaged in addictions, behaviors or relationships that sabotage your self-esteem and well-being?

* Does shame restrict your freedom to fully live?

“My life has changed tremendously since working with Johanna. I am a much stronger, more confident, happier person and spouse to my husband. Her approach challenged me to face the root of my unhappiness and turned my life around. I will be forever grateful to the life I now have, and the appreciation of life I feel, since having been helped by Johanna. I cannot say thanks enough!”

Life Is All About Relationships

With our parents, siblings, and the environment from which we came.
With friends, lovers and spouses.
With our children, born and unborn.
With our hopes and fears, and whatever we imagine created All This.
With our presence on Earth and our mortality.
And most importantly, with our selves, thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

Being human is a complex, sometimes overwhelming ride. We may be carrying and re-enacting patterns and beliefs that we’ve held for decades, which no longer serve us. Or holding resentments that color everything, especially our peace of mind. We may unknowingly be repeating attitudes and behaviors we learned by observing our parents, grandparents and others as we grew.  Or carrying out patterns from our lineage, unawares.

Doing these things, consciously or unconsciously, can create depression, anxiety, fear, a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness, loneliness, and internal and external conflict. It can lead to addictions and substance abuse–including drug addiction and alcoholism–eating disorders–including anorexia, bulimia and compulsive eating–and undermine our sense of well-being, ease and empowerment in the world.

These feelings may be running us without our even knowing. They may be keeping us from being present and happy in the ‘now’.

It takes courage to ask for help, and strength to allow ourselves to receive it.

But sometimes we do need assistance—some care and support from the outside world. Some help in navigating the quirks, twists and turns of being alive, having a body, mind and heart.

Become Happier and Healthier

Your life is precious and you are worth that assistance.

All of us can grow, heal and make changes to become more of who we want to be.

You can learn tools to resolve conflict, and improve the quality of your relationships with yourself and others.

You can take steps to resolve your addictions.

You can become free of the distress and restrictions of shame by cultivating courage and shame resilience.

You can learn greater self-care and self-soothing, create a loving internal voice, improve your communication skills, and resolve grief, loss, anger, depression, thus increasing your sense of confidence and empowerment in the world.

If it is your goal to have a baby, HypnoFertility (Hypnosis for Fertility) is a valuable tool to support conception. Please visit my Hypnosis for Fertility web site:

Whatever your goals for growth, healing and change, I can assist you. I would consider it an honor.

I welcome you to contact me for a free initial phone consultation.

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“What a relief to have found you; you have no idea. I feel like things that I’ve struggled with so intensely for as long as I can remember are finally making sense, and I am on a safe and eventual pathway to myself.”