“Johanna’s warmth, wisdom, intuition and presence has challenged and supported me to become more the person I’ve always wanted to be. My time with her has been transformative and a real blessing.”    -JB

“Johanna is a wonderful guidance, spiritual, healing therapist I have been blessed to be given to help me. I was referred to Johanna by a good friend not in Johanna’s field. I wanted to feel better, find happiness and joy in my life. To stop feeling the victim and resolve my issues within myself. Over the last almost 2 years I am more whole and more clear in my whole person. I am happy.
Johanna has a gift of intuition that enhances her clinical skills giving me as a patient the ability to see how to change, how to recognize what I am responsible for and what I am not. That was a huge shift in my ability to become happy and stay happy.
Perhaps my situation is unique: I came to Johanna looking not for her to fix me but to help me fix myself. That she has done and continues to, and I am grateful to whatever brought me to her.
I have recommended to others and highly recommend Johanna to everyone. Thank you Johanna Courtleigh!”   SC

“What a relief to have found you; you have no idea. I feel like things that I’ve struggled with so intensely for as long as I can remember are finally making sense, and I am on a safe and eventual pathway to myself.”    -CO

“Johanna helped me to work through many of the past issues that were still affecting me every day. She set a ball in motion for me to clear out what wasn’t adding value to my life. Through her work, I began to understand what I was contributing to my situation and how I had the power to change and make it better. I’ve recently met my fiancé and I’m looking forward to a new and better life. Many thanks to Johanna for helping me to get to a positive place!”    -SB

“I awoke this morning to silence. A silence so welcomed. A silence so long-sought.  Gone is the incessant chatter, the constant droning of irrelevant talk and programmed criticisms.  My brain/head is silent and my being is calm, content and comfortable.”    -Workshop Participant

“My life has changed tremendously since working with Johanna Courtleigh. I am a much stronger, more confident, happier person and spouse to my husband. Johanna’s approach challenged me to face the root of my unhappiness and turned my life around. I will be forever grateful to the life I now have, and the appreciation of life I feel, since having been helped by Johanna. I cannot say thanks enough!”    -AW

“The training you gave was absolutely fabulous–I want to say “exceptional,” Johanna. I’m very impressed with the sacred atmosphere you bring to your sessions. It majorly impacted my life almost immediately. I sincerely look forward to referring others!”    -Workshop Participant

“A month after my father’s passing, I realized that I needed some help to cope with the emotional tangle that I was in. Through Johanna, I was able to better understand myself and become more self-aware. As I continued to work with Johanna, I addressed many other facets of my life. Johanna was confidential, caring, and emotionally by my side in the often cathartic sessions in her office. I trusted in her guidance.
I have referred several friends to Johanna, and highly recommend her as she is a valued contributor to my life.”    -LAH

“Johanna’s years of spiritual growth clearly show. She exhibits a breadth of knowledge about spiritual experience in general, and draws upon this to present the Oneness workshop experience. This, coupled with her solid background as a therapist, make her a standout for any group. Her training sessions are dynamic, powerful, experiential, and life-transforming.
Johanna came to the sessions I attended abundantly prepared with handouts, multi-media presentations, tactile exercises, and fun-filled ways to allow the Oneness “magic” to occur. We learned, we practiced, we sang, we danced, we laughed (a lot), we cried, and we opened up to new levels of understandings of ourselves and others. I personally came away with a deep sense of peace and calm.
Through it all, Johanna was the consumate guide and almost a co-participant, without being restrictive or intrusive in any way. I would describe her style as classroom facilitator meets conference presenter par excellence!”    -J.W. Workshop Participant

“Since your Loving Yourself And The Body You’re In workshop, I am down 36 pounds! Healing. I can feel it. Not dieting–just caring.”    -DB

“The HypnoFertility work I did with Johanna cleared the way for me to feel ready to have a baby. It was beautiful and easy. I had been thinking it was impossible for me to conceive, but I did, shortly after our first couple of sessions. Our little girl is now six months old and thriving! We are delighted! Thank you, Johanna!”    -SP

“Thank you for introducing me to my baby in the hours before his birth. I have much love and appreciation for the support you gave me during my pregnancy and following.”    -KK

“Thank you, Johanna, for all the help you gave. You supported me when I felt most alone and scared. I feel stronger, more free, and optimistic now about creating a life that really works for me! You are a blessing.”    -GB

“Johanna is masterful in asking just the right questions to help me know myself better and guide me in my process.”    -SA

“Within seconds of our first session, I knew that I’d finally found a therapist that I was going to stick with–I have had well over 10 therapists over the course of a decade, and though most were wonderful people, none of them have had the passion, insight and ability to connect and engage that Johanna has.
As far as Johanna’s sensitivity, and caring, warm personality, all I can say is that she exemplifies all of those qualities times a million! Throughout my work with Johanna thus far, she has met several close people in my life, and they too all agree that she is wonderful, genuine, sincere and warm.
She doesn’t let you own the negative image you have of yourself. She guides you to find the glowing beauty you have within, no matter how difficult it might be for you to access.
Trust me–if you’re looking for a therapist, and you’re able to get in to see Johanna, count yourself blessed, lucky, score! You’d be so lucky to get to meet with her. There are lots of nice therapists in this town, but they are no Johanna.”    -KC

“It was a beautiful thing to experience your skills, training and lovely open heart in your HypnoFertility work. Wow! You are gifted in what you do. May many other soon-to-conceive moms be the recipient of your gifts!”    -DE

“About 3 weeks ago, I suddenly woke up one morning and everything was in exuberant Oneness. Everything—even the people I normally find most challenging. That high lasted all day. Since that time, I’ve had to put in some effort—paying attention—to get this state stabilized, but thankfully, it has. Oneness seems to have become my ‘default’ setting, although I can always deepen it by a little extra focus. Johanna, the biggest surprise of this change was finding how incredibly pregnant each moment, each instant, is in Oneness….Total fullness, total meaning. No need to add anything to make life or any of the things around it ‘count’ or ‘amount’ to something. The total perfection of it all…mind-boggling!”    -Workshop Participant

“Johanna Courtleigh is a skilled, talented, compassionate therapist, with a gift for helping clients transform their lives dramatically. I highly recommend her services.”    -Dino Paris, MA, LMFT