Confidence Coaching–Moving into Joy, Courage and Freedom

Johanna Courtleigh, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor, expert in Building Confidence and Self-Esteem, and Resolving Conflict, Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Eating DisordersConfidence isn’t just about luck. It’s a skill—the foundation for any success or achievement you want to experience. It involves cultivating the courage and stamina to risk and engage, so that you can experience greater joy, aliveness and participation in life. It also involves growing your assertiveness skills, your communication skills, and your skills of self-care.

“Thank you, Johanna, for all the help you gave. You supported me when I felt most alone and scared. I feel stronger, more free, and optimistic now about creating a life that really works for me!”

* Whether you want to hum along with the radio, or sing at Carnegie Hall.

* Whether you want to feel more comfortable walking in the world, or step away from the wall and dance.

* Whether you want to write a novel, or join a book club.

* Whether you want to speak more easily in front of others, or give presentations to large groups.

Just as we learned to believe we were inadequate, which made us feel shy and insecure—and then created experiences that validated that perception—“I’m not good enough, I’m not good at this, I can’t,” etc. . . .—we can learn to support ourselves with our thinking, take positive action, and start meeting life with more energy, ease and hope.

Creating Confidence is about building a loving relationship with yourself, and developing an inner voice that supports, not undermines you. This is a practice you can cultivate.

You have as much right to be here and thrive as anyone else. The choice is yours—to learn to tilt yourself toward supporting your goals and success, rather than believing the voice that undermines and discourages you.

Let me help you cultivate a self-supporting voice, and build the skill, self-regard and stamina to step forward and succeed in accomplishing your goals.  You are worth it! And so is the world you will meet and serve by your Being.

I welcome you to contact me for a free initial phone consultation.

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