Past Life Regression Therapy

“Helping You Resolve The Past, So You Can Live More Fully In The Present”

Why are we so reactive to certain things? Attracted to certain cultures? Avoidant of certain experiences? Feel immediately drawn to or repelled by certain people?

Why are certain relationships fraught with so much emotional charge, while others feel deeply like home?

Why do certain people feel like old souls, while others seem newly arrived on this planet?

And who is this one that I says, “I am”?

“I find it hard to put to words how profound an impact our session has had on me. In the last week, I have experienced an uprooting of some deeply entrenched emotional blocks and self-damaging thought patterns – things that I have been trying to understand and work through for years, if not decades, have become utterly clear and I find myself with effective means of dealing with them. I feel like I’ve lived a year in a week, or that my life has shifted to a totally different paradigm.
I’m still not sure what to make of the things I saw and experienced, but I feel unified as a being in a way that I can’t remember feeling before.
I can’t thank you enough for your help.”

These are questions people have been asking for millennia. Philosophers, poets, theologians, spiritual seekers. And those of us just trying to make some deeper sense of and find some deeper meaning to our lives, experiences and relationships.

Some call it Karma. Some call it Fate. Others believe we are living out a series of lifetimes in the service of our own growth and evolution, coming back time and again to engage in various dynamics with those near and dear, or not so near and dear, to us.

People all over the world, from every background, walk of life and religion believe we are more than meets the eye in present time.

Albert Einstein was said to suggest we use less than ten percent of our brains. And science now tells us that the vast majority of our awareness and the impulses that propel how we engage with the world are subconscious–below the capacity of our current waking consciousness.

“Our regression sessions were both fascinating and helpful. I feel so much happier and more at ease in my life now. Thank you!” PB

Many years ago, I had the privilege of studying regression therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss, the author of many books, including Many Lives, Many Masters–a case study of a therapy he did while practicing as the head psychiatrist of a prestigious university hospital in Florida.

Dr. Weiss had been working traditionally, doing therapy with a client for over a year.  Nothing was proving successful in helping her resolve her various turmoils, so one day he decided to use hypnosis to take her back to ‘the first time’ she had encountered a certain stressor.   Unbeknownst to either of them, she went into a past life.  Over a short series of regression sessions, her issues quickly resolved. This opened the door to a deeper exploration of a more mystical nature for Dr. Weiss.  He is now highly respected in the world of Transpersonal Psychotherapy, and has regressed tens of thousands of people all over the world.

I have since further studied regression hypnotherapy with David Quigley, founder of the Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute. I originally earned my hypnotherapy certification with him in the late 1980’s, after graduate school.

I have found this work deep, intriguing and mysterious. I have also found it very effective in resolving patterning that traditional talk therapy hasn’t significantly enough touched.

I take you into a light, relaxing hypnotic trance–like having a waking dream–in which you stay totally conscious, communicative and in control. From there, I help you journey back in time to significant memories and events that may be blocking you from more fully thriving in your current life.

People report feeling calm and relaxed after their sessions, and having a sense of deeper peace and power in their current lives.

I am pleased to offer this work as an exploration into the complex majesty of our existence, and to help you:

** Dive more deeply into understanding yourself

** Resolve old destructive patterns

** Heal challenging relationships

** Find the freedom to live more fully in your Now

“My work with Johanna doing past life regression helped free me of a fear that had held me back, which had no apparent source or ‘reason’ in this lifetime.” MJ

This work is available via telehealth over the internet, as well as in person.

Please feel free to be in touch for more information.